Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why It Wouldn't Be Such A Bad Thing If This Baby Was A Boy...

So I want a baby girl, really, kinda-of bad. Not that I wouldn't be ecstatically happy to have a boy. It's just that Mike's family has a family tradition of only having boys and I'm a little worried that Savannah was my last girl. I just would like one more baby girl, then I could justify all the adorable outfits of Savannah's that I kept for my next daughter. I would say that our storage is alone 1/4 Savannah's old outfits, something Mike thinks I'm crazy for. "But honey, these clothes will come in handy when we have the next girl". Hopefully not all in vain. Yesterday we went to have our 20 week ultrasound. The technician told Mike what we're having and Mike is going to tell me on Mother's Day (via wrapped up cute girl/boy outfit). I'm sooo excited for Mother's Day! But then I was looking at these pictures recently that I took of Jackson and I have to say it might not be such a bad thing to have a boy next. Jackson hangs around girls all day long, he loves wearing headbands and now apparently wigs. He puts on dresses and loves trying on shoes. So having another male for him to bond with might be beneficial. I can now honestly say that whatever this baby is boy or girl I will truly be happy!