Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mila This Ones For You!!!

So I've never "blogged" before and quite frankly, not sure what to blog about. My life right now seems CRAZY, I feel like I'm going a hundred miles a minute. Oh, did I mention I have kids. Savannah is my sweetheart, she's 5 and just started kindergarten this year. She loves school, which I'm glad about and is doing very well (from what we learned at our first school conference). And Jackson, our son, is equally sweet, but very, very busy. He keeps me on my toes. If he isn't crawling on chairs to get on our dining room table, he's in my cupboard pulling out canned foods. He is so curious about everything, it's fun to watch and exhausting to clean up after. My husband is a pretty busy guy now a days to, he's working really hard at building up clients at work and being our ward's mission leader. I also just got called to the young women's organization at our Church and I am the secretary, it is hands down the most involved calling I've ever had. It's great though, I'm loving all the fun things we get to do and since I wasn't raised in the Church I feel like I'm one of the girls learning all the lessons. It was so funny, Mike and I had an opportunity to go to the Temple with some of the young men/young women, when Mike went to go check in the Temple worker was very confused because Mike's name wasn't on the list and he was mistaken for the youth he had to pull out his Temple recommend card again to show the Temple worker. I teased him the rest of the day that he got "carded" in the Temple. What can I say Mike has been blessed with good genes, he'll probably look 40 when he's 60. I wish I could say the same on my part. So here you have it Mila, I finally blogged!!