Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh blogging I have much to learn!

Pow pow power wheels! (Mike and I were never so nice as to receieve this as a child). So you better believe we were all excited!

Merry Christmas!!!

So Christmas at the Perry home was a lot of fun this year! I think Jackson is starting to get a hang of this Christmas stuff! It was adorable, on Christmas eve night Jackson and Savannah were taking turns pretending to be Santa, sitting on each other's laps and asking one another what they wanted for Christmas. It was kinda-of heartwarming watching them play, they were so excited! I love the magic of Christmastime! Savannah wrote Santa a note and left him some burnt cookies and a celery stick for the reindeer. She was also the first to awake the next morning. My parents came, Mike's mom and brother came and we waited for Jackson to wake up, well actually someone went into his room and woke him up! Impatient much! And then the frenzy began! Santa had been good to the Perry's (apparently we've been nice!), and he brought all kinds of fun toys, books, movies, and pj's. Jackson loved all the motorcycles he got, he was in Heaven! Savannah got more and more excited with every gift she opened, she got Junie B Jones books, doll furnitre, barbie salon stylist, and a polly pocket cruise ship. So we hunkered down and played with our new toys and then all of a sudden Mike finds a note in the tree and Santa had one more gift! He made the kids go on a scavenger hunt for it (which Savannah loved, but Jackson was like 'huh', he would have rather played). Well the hunt led them out to the garage where they found this!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Savannah's room (she's excited)! Do you like the colors?
The living room

Our dining room

Our wild looking back yard!!! But look how big it is!

Getting our new house!!!

Since I'm "post happy" today here are some pictures of our new house. It's pics of the remodeling stuff, eventually when my house is cleaner I'll take pics of the finished project! But here you get the idea!

....Argh! So I apparently don't know how to blog, because I can't find the picture of Miles I tried to post! Hopefully this will work.....

Miles has arrived!!!

So we finally had our baby boy!!! Miles Parker Perry was born on September 2nd @ 6:23am, he was 8 lbs and 20 3/4 inches! He's a healthy little baby boy and a sweet one too. We call him "mellow Miles", not sure how long that will last, but his temperament seems to be much more relaxed than either Savannah or Jackson when they were babies. Savannah and Jackson are very attached to the baby, they are adjusting pretty well, both love holding their baby brother. Jackson says "I want to hold it" and Savannah loves helping with diapers and bath time! Miles has been sleeping pretty well too, we've had a couple "rough nights", but that's to be expected! Now we're just trying to settle into a routine that includes taking care of three kids, which can be a little hectic, especially since I'm not allowed to pick up the other kids, drive, and do other things that I'm so used to being in charge of, Mike says that I need to think of it as my vacation! All in all, things are going really great, we feel very blessed to have Miles in our family!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why It Wouldn't Be Such A Bad Thing If This Baby Was A Boy...

So I want a baby girl, really, kinda-of bad. Not that I wouldn't be ecstatically happy to have a boy. It's just that Mike's family has a family tradition of only having boys and I'm a little worried that Savannah was my last girl. I just would like one more baby girl, then I could justify all the adorable outfits of Savannah's that I kept for my next daughter. I would say that our storage is alone 1/4 Savannah's old outfits, something Mike thinks I'm crazy for. "But honey, these clothes will come in handy when we have the next girl". Hopefully not all in vain. Yesterday we went to have our 20 week ultrasound. The technician told Mike what we're having and Mike is going to tell me on Mother's Day (via wrapped up cute girl/boy outfit). I'm sooo excited for Mother's Day! But then I was looking at these pictures recently that I took of Jackson and I have to say it might not be such a bad thing to have a boy next. Jackson hangs around girls all day long, he loves wearing headbands and now apparently wigs. He puts on dresses and loves trying on shoes. So having another male for him to bond with might be beneficial. I can now honestly say that whatever this baby is boy or girl I will truly be happy!